Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Today, getting pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation is commonplace. This happens to hundreds of Columbus residents daily, and when it does, many feel wrongly accused. Even when people are not guilty of a traffic violation, they are often so busy with hustle and bustle of Columbus city life that they simply can’t afford to take time off of work in order to defend their case.

Some may even think “Why would a judge take my word over the police officer’s anyway?”

So in turn, they simply follow the instructions on the ticket, mail in the fine, and suffer the consequences. Big mistake! Traffic violations carry specific penalties and fines, which in term can put points on your license, raise your insurance premiums and in more severe cases cause for your license to be suspended.

How can I fight a traffic ticket?

Don’t just sit back and accept points and fines. Don’t ignore traffic tickets, thinking them inconsequential. Have an experienced traffic ticket lawyer on your side. As a former Prosecutor, I know both sides of the courtroom. I can help you.

Tickets you should consider contesting include:

Speeding Tickets
The fine involved with traffic citations should be your least concern. The bigger issue is the number of points that the offense carries and the number of points currently assessed against your license. The more points you have, the higher the cost of auto insurance. You may even become “uninsurable” or require high-risk insurance if you have too many moving violations. Most insurance companies even account for moving violations that carry no points (i.e. no point speeds).

Speed limit below 55 MPH:
1-5 MPH over      0 points
6-10 MPH over    2 points
11-29 MPH over  2 points
30+ MPH over     4 points

Speed limit over 55 MPH:
1-5 MPH over      0 points
6-10 MPH over    0 points
11-29 MPH over  2 points
30+ MPH over     4 points

Red Light Tickets
Being stopped for a red-light offense can be costly and involve points. A red-light camera ticket carries a civil fine and no points. Some people may need to contest a red-light ticket due either to work standards (i.e., insurance mandates) or other complications (i.e., CDL license). If you have been accused of a red-light violation, an attorney may be able to help.
Reckless Driving Tickets
You may wonder why you received the more serious reckless driving charge, rather than a less serious moving violation. The reason is that the officer believed you were driving with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others. Municipality versions of reckless operation can have more serious penalties than that the State code counterpart.


Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
If you are charged with driving with a suspended license, the most important factor in determining why your license is suspended. There are a number of possible causes and each has a unique course of action to obtain the best result in court. It is also important to know whether the particular suspension you are charged with carries mandatory jail time.
Driving Without Insurance
If you did not have coverage at the time you were cited with a traffic offense and plea guilty, you will be subject to a mandatory license suspension. It is important to hire an attorney familiar license suspensions and the actions that need to be taken to avoid them.
Speeding in a School Zone
Special speed limits are allowed near schools in Ohio. Currently, the speed limit in school zones is 20 mph during school recess and during the opening and closing hours of schools.

Penalties for speeding in a school zone include (but not limited to):

  • Fines of $150 – $300 plus court costs
  • Possible 30 days in jail
  • Points added to your driving record (number of points depends on MPH over the limit)
  • May cause increased insurance premiums
Illegal U-Turn
Moving violations, including illegal u-turns, can result in points on your record, fines, increased insurance premiums, and potential license suspension. At Akamine Law, we can help you fight these tickets, and thereby minimize their impact on your license and your wallet.



If you have been charged with a moving violation you need skilled traffic ticket lawyer to aggressively defend your rights. As a former Prosecutor, I know both sides of the courtroom. I can help you.

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