Fighting your speeding ticket.

Speeding has become the norm in our society. In most situations, law enforcement does not bother with people exceeding the speed limit by less than 10mph on highways – particularly if the driver is going with the flow of traffic. Unfortunately, not all police are lenient or understanding of traffic flow. Speeding tickets are something that almost all drivers encounter at some point in their life.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people receive speeding tickets in the United States. In Ohio, drivers who have been charged with speeding are at risk of facing significant fines and possibly license suspensions. Most speeding tickets result in points on your license which can lead to increased insurance rates or possibly require costlier high-risk insurance. Points can also accumulate and result in the suspension of your license.

How many points will go on my record from Speeding Ticket?

In Columbus, you can be given a speeding ticket for exceeding the posted speed limit by as little as 1 mph. The amount of points assessed to your driver record is based upon the amount you are traveling in excess of the posted limit. The State of Ohio will suspend a driver’s license if 12 or more points are accumulated within a 2-year period.

Ohio Point System for Speeding:

Speed Limit 1-5 mph over:      (55 mph or less = 0 points) (55 mph+ = 0 points)

Speed Limit 6-10 mph over:    (55 mph or less = 2 points) (55 mph+ = 0 points)

Speed Limit 11-29 mph over:  (55 mph or less = 2 points) (55 mph+ = 2 points)

Speed Limit 30+ mph over:      (55 mph or less = 4 points) (55 mph+ = 4 points)

How can I fight a speeding ticket?

Every case is different and the specifics surrounding your case will ultimately determine our best defense. There are, however, common issues that we will examine in every case.

Laser: It is possible to challenge the reliability of the laser device the arresting officer used. For example, was it calibrated correctly? How was the laser maintained? Were there any mechanical problems in the past? If any of these are found to be an issue, it could be grounds for dismissal.

Pacing: You may not be familiar with this term. Pacing is a term used to describe a method of determining your speed, where the officer attempts to match your speed with this cruiser to see if you are driving over the limit. This is a very unreliable method of tracking your speed and can easily be challenged.

At Akamine Law, we will review any and all factors that may help us defeat the speeding allegation. Hiring Akamine Law is a good first step towards protecting your ability to drive.


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