Charged with driving under suspended license.

Have you been stopped by the police and find out, just then, that your license is suspended? This is more common than you may think. Often, a person is not even aware that his or her license has been suspended. Here’s what you need to know if you are driving with a license suspension in Ohio.

As a former Prosecutor, I know both sides of the law. I can help you.

What does it mean to be Driving Under A Suspended License?

Driving under a Suspended License is defined, generally, as operating a motor vehicle on public roads or highways when a person’s operating privilege has been suspended or revoked by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. It is common for a person to never receive the notice of the suspension. Although a lack of notice is not a defense with these cases, an experienced attorney can help you avert some of the worst consequences of driving under a license suspension.

Here are some additional explanations for why your license may have been suspended:

  • A previous DUI / OVI
  • Failing to provide proof of insurance for a prior citation
  • Not responding to a random BMV insurance verification mailing
  • Unpaid fines or traffic tickets
  • Missing a scheduled court date
What are the possible consequences of driving while suspended?

If convicted of driving under suspension, you could be facing significant fines of up to $1,000, additional license suspension time, and hours of community service. In addition to license consequences, your car can also be impounded under certain circumstances. That means even more in fines, tow and storage fees, and required court documentation to get your car back.

What can Akamine Law do for me?

At Akamine Law, our goal with regard to driving suspensions is twofold: first, we seek to minimize the penalties and avoid any jail sentence; second, we address the root issue and direct you towards the fastest route reinstating your license.

It is not uncommon for us to discover that your license suspension was not properly imposed and to have the charge dismissed in its entirety. Even if your license was properly imposed, we are often able to negotiate a plea which avoids any further suspension of your license. In this way, we are able to get you back on the roads as soon as possible.


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