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You’ve been arrested. What now?

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Choosing your attorney is the first and most critical decision to undertake. How do you choose?

  • Choose a defense attorney who knows the difference between an easy resolution and the best resolution. 
  • Choose a defense attorney who values you as a client.
  • Choose a defense attorney with a unique skillset sharpened by working as both a Columbus City Prosecutor and Franklin County Public Defender.
  • Choose a defense attorney with diversity gained from over 20 years in private practice.
  • Choose a defense attorney who handles your case personally, from start to finish.

Possession, cultivation, distribution, trafficking, and other offenses related to controlled substances can result in severe penalties which may include prison time. There can also be collateral effects to your finances, personal property, and ability to drive.


Disagreements among loved ones are common. Unfortunately, when law enforcement gets involved matters often go beyond what any of the parties desire. In Ohio, there is a policy that an arrest should be made if law enforcement determines there was a “primary aggressor.” It is all too common that law enforcement assumes that the male is the primary aggressor. Attorney Akamine understands unfair law enforcement assumptions and how to overcome them.


Violent crimes such as assault, robbery, and murder often result in charges that carry severe and long-lasting penalties. Depending upon the severity of allegations, you could face a significant prison term. These cases are treated very seriously by law enforcement and therefore, require an equally determined defense.


More than any other offense, persons accused of a sex offense are treated as guilty before even going to court. Accusations can be highly subjective. Victim perception, witness observations, and forensic evidence (such as rape kits or DNA tests) can be interpreted in different ways. Attorney Akamine has conducted sex offense trials and knows how to effectively combat law enforcement tactics.


Depending on the circumstances of your case, as well as the value of the items you’re charged with taking, you could face years in prison, fines, and other penalties. These are cases that require highly experienced representation.


A probation officer’s belief that you are in violation is not the final word. Even if you have violated probation or failed to report, there are often actions that can be taken to minimize penalties and avoid incarceration. It is best to address the situation before being arrested.

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