Theft Charges

Whether the crime being alleged is a bank robbery, a home invasion, a mugging, or an act of trespassing, the bottom line for defendants is the same: costly fines, lengthy prison sentences, and a criminal record that could interfere with important parts of your daily life if convicted. Attorney Nathan Akamine is a respected Columbus theft crime defense lawyer with more than 20 years of experience fighting theft charges such as robbery and burglary. We take a strategic approach to each case we work on and we are prepared to handle state or federal charges. Recent case results.

What’s the difference between Theft, Robbery, and Burglary?

Many people believe the words “theft”, “robbery” and “burglary” mean the same thing. While it’s fine to use these terms interchangeably in everyday conversation, they have different meanings under the law and carry different penalties.

Theft Charges

Simply put, theft occurs when one person takes a piece of property that belongs to someone else. Theft does not involve contact between the victim and the perpetrator.

Burglary Charges

Burglary in Columbus specifically involves entering a building or property with the intent to commit a crime. For this reason, burglary is sometimes referred to as breaking and entering.

Robbery Charges

Robbery can be summarized as theft with an additional felony or some element of violence, force, or injury. Robbery happens when a person takes someone else’s property directly from the owner. In other words, personal contact, force, and intimidation must occur for the crime to be charged as robbery.

What are the penalties of a theft charge in Ohio?

Theft, burglary, criminal trespass, and robbery collectively cover a wide range of offense classifications, spanning from low-level misdemeanors to extremely serious felonies. Even a conviction for a “minor” misdemeanor has the potential to result in a devastating sentence and fine. Although state and federal laws prevent lending, housing, and employment discrimination against individuals with criminal convictions, people with criminal records often face hurdles when it comes to being approved for loans, finding housing, and getting hired for jobs.

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