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Violent crimes such as assault, robbery, and murder carry severe and life-altering penalties. Depending upon the severity of allegations, you could face a significant prison term. These cases are treated very seriously by law enforcement. You need an aggressive defense. Being convicted of a violent felony crime of you likely face years of imprisonment, costly fines, other restrictions on your freedom, and permanent damage to your reputation and livelihood. Do not leave your future in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. Aggressive criminal defense is all we do. Recent case results.

Domestic Abuse Charges

The charge “domestic abuse” can involve an array of offenses, including assault, harassment, stalking, and rape. Not only does Ohio establish fines and prison sentences, but the social stigma can damage your career, reputation, and relationships. Frequently, defendants are unfairly charged with domestic violence after a divorce or custody dispute becomes tense.

Assault Charges

If you’re convicted of aggravated assault, you could be imprisoned for years, faced with costly fines, and permanent damage to your reputation.

FIRST DEGREE – This is the most serious type of felony other than murder. You face a prison sentence of up to 20 years, plus fines. You could permanently lose your gun rights.

SECOND DEGREE – Second degree felony aggravated assault is charged in a variety of circumstances, often when the defendant is accused of assaulting a police officer. You face up to 10 years in prison, plus fines.


Trial Phase – This is when the prosecution attempts to prove to a jury that the defendant committed the crime. If the defendant is found guilty, the proceedings then move to the penalty phase.

Penalty Phase – This is when the government presents “aggravating” evidence to persuade the jury to impose the harshest penalty possible. On the other hand, the defense presents “mitigating” evidence to persuade the jury to impose a lesser sentence.

What are the penalties of a homicide conviction?

FIRST DEGREE occurs when the defendant purposely intended to cause the death of another person. A conviction can bring the death penalty or life imprisonment.

SECOND DEGREE occurs when a defendant kills another person during the commission of a violent felony, including rape, robbery, and arson. A conviction can bring up to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

THIRD DEGREE is any murder not defined under first or second degree. Third degree cannot include instances of a specific intent to kill an individual. A conviction can bring up to 20 years in prison.

VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER occurs when it is believed a defendant had no malicious intent to kill, but purposely acted in a way that caused the death of another person. A conviction can bring 3 to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000

INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER covers death that result from reckless or negligent actions. A conviction can bring 9 months to 5 years in prison

What can Attorney Akamine do for me?

As a former Franklin County Prosecutor and Public Defender, I understand the strategies that prosecutors use to get domestic violence convictions.

I will work to suppress unfair or unlawful evidence while immediately launching a detailed investigation into all accusations against you. I want to have your charges reduced, and work toward the complete dismissal of your case.

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