Sex Crimes

Don’t let an accusation

destroy your reputation.

Columbus sex crimes lawyer, Nathan Akamine, discussing a sex crimes case with a client


An accusation can have dire consequences for more than just your reputation. Being found guilty of a sex crime can impact where you live, where you work, and how you live your life for many years after a conviction.

Your only option is to fight.

That’s where we come in.

For more than 20 years, Nathan Akamine has dedicated his practice to providing exceptional legal representation for individuals facing sex crime charges in Columbus, Ohio.

We understand that being accused of a sex crime can be an overwhelming and distressing experience, and as your trusted ally, we are here to guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and vigorously fight to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to our clients, we are well-equipped to handle even the most complex sex crime cases.


“Thank you for a job well done. I appreciate that you took my calls and treated me with respect. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”


How we can help you beat a sex crime charge


Expertise in Sex Crime Defense

We specialize in sex crime defense, and we have successfully defended numerous clients against charges such as sexual assault, rape, child pornography, indecent exposure, and more. We have an in-depth understanding of the laws surrounding these offenses and stay updated with the latest legal developments.


Strategic Defense Planning

Each case is unique, and we tailor our defense strategies to the specific circumstances of your case. Our meticulous approach involves analyzing evidence, identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and developing a strong defense strategy to challenge the charges against you.


Protecting Your Rights

We strongly believe in upholding the rights of the accused. Throughout the legal process, we will ensure that your rights are protected, and we will advocate for fair treatment at every stage, including interactions with law enforcement, investigations, negotiations, and courtroom proceedings.


Building a Solid Defense

We will investigate every avenue, confer with forensic experts, and work tirelessly to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a robust defense on your behalf. We promise you that we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of securing the best possible outcome for you. When you win, we win.


Negotiation and Trial Advocacy

While we strive to resolve cases through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods, we are always prepared to go to trial if necessary. We are adept at presenting persuasive arguments and will fight tirelessly for your innocence in the courtroom. We won’t recommend a plea deal unless that is in your best interest.

What sets Akamine Law apart?

There are a lot of sex crimes lawyers in Columbus to choose from. At Akamine Law, me know we stand apart from the crowd.

Personalized attention

You won’t be just another case number. We take the time to get to know you and understand the details of your situation. You’ll get the attention your case and your future deserve.

Highly recommended

Most of my clients come from word of mouth. My past clients know how I’ve helped them and they recommend me to their family and friends. That’s the best endorsement I could ask for.

Fighting for you

I’m on your side and you’ll know it from the second we speak. I won’t pressure you to take a plea unless that’s our last resort. I’ll fight every step of the way.

We genuinely care

We get the results you need while taking a human-based approach. We care about you, we’re here for you, and we recognize this is the toughest time of your life.

We can help with your sex crime charge.

Whether you are culpable or not, the mere allegation of a sex offense can be devasting. More than any other offense, persons accused of a sex offense are treated as guilty before even going to court. Accusations can be highly subjective. Victim perception, witness observations, and forensic evidence (such as rape kits or DNA tests) can be interpreted in different ways. It is important to hire a lawyer who has conducted sex offense trials and knows how to effectively combat law enforcement tactics.

Some sexual offenses we commonly defend:

  • Rape
  • Sexual Battery
  • Unlawful sexual contact with a minor
  • Sexual Imposition
  • Importuning
  • Child Pornography / Pandering Obscenity

We have extensive experience defending against all of these sex crimes. Call us. The case review is free and confidential.

Common Questions

What are the potential consequences of a sex crime conviction in Columbus, Ohio?

The most impactful result of a conviction is lengthy prison time. However, significant fines, mandatory counseling, and probation (or post-release control) are also likely.  Another major consideration is that a conviction will usually require you to register, for years, as a sex offender.

The severity of your penalty can be influenced by many variables:

  • The existence of prior offenses
  • The age of the alleged victim
  • Allegations of weapon use or threat of use
  • Whether the use of force is alleged
  • For pandering obscenity and pornography, the number and nature of the images or videos
Will my case be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We understand the sensitive nature of sex crime cases, and we uphold strict confidentiality throughout the attorney-client relationship. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

How long will the legal process take?

The duration of the legal process varies depending on the specifics of your case. Some cases may be resolved through negotiation, while others may require a trial. We will provide you with a realistic timeline and keep you informed about any developments along the way.

How do I choose the right sex crime lawyer in Columbus, Ohio?

When selecting a lawyer, it is crucial to consider their experience, track record of success, expertise in sex crime defense, and commitment to protecting your rights. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your case, ask questions, and determine if we are the right fit for you.

How much will it cost to hire a sex crime lawyer?

The cost of legal representation can vary depending on the complexity of your case. However, we understand the financial strain that legal matters can impose, and we offer flexible fee structures and payment plans to accommodate your budget. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the details of your case and provide transparency regarding the associated costs.

Can you guarantee a specific outcome for my case?

In sex crime cases, we can’t guarantee specific outcomes, we can assure you that we will diligently fight for the best possible outcome for your case. Our goal is to protect your rights, minimize the potential consequences, and achieve the most favorable resolution available based on the facts and circumstances of your case.

How long will my case take to resolve?

The duration of a sex crime case can vary depending on numerous factors, including the complexity of the charges, the court’s schedule, and the availability of evidence. We understand the importance of resolving your case efficiently, and we will work diligently to move the process forward as expeditiously as possible while ensuring a thorough defense.

Will my case go to trial?

Whether your case goes to trial depends on several factors, including the strength of the evidence, the viability of defense strategies, and potential plea negotiations. We will thoroughly evaluate your case and provide guidance on the most appropriate course of action, which may include pursuing a trial or seeking alternative resolutions.

How do I hire you as my criminal defense lawyer?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact our office to schedule a free case review. We will discuss the details of your case, answer any additional questions you may have, and determine the best course of action to protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome.

Remember, every case is unique, and the answers provided here are general. For personalized guidance and advice specific to your situation, we encourage you to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney, even if it’s not me.

We are here to guide you through the legal process, address your concerns, and provide you with the skilled representation you need. Contact us today to schedule your free case review and take the first step toward a strong defense.