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If you’ve been accused of a crime in Pickaway County, you may be feeling a variety of emotions including embarrassment and fear. An effective defense requires more than knowledge of the law, so those accused can benefit from an attorney who’s equally knowledgeable of the psychological and emotional toll such charges can take.

Nathan Akamine not only understands his clients, as a former prosecuter himself, he has the inside knowledge needed to get you the best results possible.

If you are charged with a crime in Pickaway County that may jeopardize your employment, your reputation and your freedom, you will need someone who has the experience and knowledge to defend you and the ability to offer moral support and comfort to you and your loved ones.

Pickaway County Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s our goal to fight aggressively on behalf of our clients. We do all that is possible to achieve a dismissal, reduction, or acquittal through negotiation or litigation. If those options aren’t possible, then we leave no stone unturned when seeking other alternatives to get you the best outcome possible.

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"I highly recommend Nathan to anybody in need of a defense attorney. He really helped a lot. He's very professional and kind. I am very happy with the service he provided."


"Thank you for a job well done. I appreciate that you took my calls and treated me with respect. I can’t thank you enough for everything you've done. I will recommend you to everyone I know."


"My husband was facing jail time after his 4th DUI arrest. Mr. Akamine encouraged him to get the help he needed in treatment and convinced the judge to allow him to do house arrest instead of jail."

-Amy and John K.

"I didn't hire a lawyer for my first DUI. That was a mistake. Mr. Akamine goes above and beyond. Lawyer of the year in my option. I'll never go anywhere else for my legal issues."

-Adam D.

"Nathan represented my son several times in the past. He recommended the best actions to take in court and truly cared about us. I called often and he always was able to make me feel better about my son's situation."

-Donna F.

Pickaway County Courts and Resources

Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas: Located at 207 South Court Street, Circleville, OH 43113 / 740-474-6026 

Circleville Police Department: Located at 151 East Frankling Street, Circleville, OH 43113 / 740-474-8888


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It is important to know that all criminal charges can be fought – whether you believe you are innocent or not. With the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you could have your charges reduced or even dismissed with or without going to trial.

Pickaway County includes the following townships: Circleville, Darby, Deer Creek, Harrison, Jackson, Madison, Monroe, Muhlenberg, Perry, Pickaway, Salt Creek, Scioto, Walnut, Washington, Wayne